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Misguided Monster

Misguided Monster.

Kamiss ang smah. Mga teachers, ate and kuyas sa canteen and cr, sila kuya guard, mga classrooms and lockers, nurse and advisers, POD and classmates. THE MEMORIES T’WAS BUILT EVERY SINGLE DAY IN MY LIFE SINCE I WAS IN KINDER 1 UP TO THE SENIOR HIGH! THE FREAKIN’ FRIENDS EVERY SINGLE YEAR! FROM 1FAITH TO 2COURAGE THEN 3JUSTICE THEN 4SERVICE!! AHHHHH AND MY BROS FROM ANOTHER MOTHA (our second nanays tho) OHHHHH I JUST MISS MY ALMA MATER!


My hobby everytime I’m upset is to sleep for almost whole damn day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for me x goodnight

Not in the mood for everything. The shitty feeling right now like fuck you all people ok bye no one cares 🌵🌵🌵



God today we thank you that we can depend on you in all situations! We thank you that you will never abandon or forsake us but instead come with us on every step of the journey, no matter what storms we will face! We thank you that you calm the storms, but firstly that you are not even fazed by the storm instead inviting us to share in your peace Jesus!
We pray to ask for an increase of your peace, love and perseverance as we continue throughout our weeks as well as the constant knowledge that you are always with us!
In Jesus’ name, we pray this Amen!
God bless you!
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